5 Tips For Giving Your First Business Presentation

Are you new to the business world? Is it your first great presentation? Here we share some ways to simplify and eliminate the stress of this new experience.

  1. Be practical.

A very normal instinct when preparing for presentation of this type is to do everything you can to impress as well as being flashy with the content.

This is incredibly dangerous, it leaves you exposed with being excessively complicated.

Be you who is presenting within your own company, for a company or external individual, enhances the simple and practical aspects of the subject. Doing this eliminates the stress of covering difficult concepts and of confusing yourself if the nerves attack during the presentation. This functionality also makes you sound more genuine. As stated by the University of Southern California, “The genuine passion for your potential project is more impressive than any bell and whistle that is present during any pitch.”

  1. Be a Placist.

It is completely normal to be nervous when you have to speak in public, especially when it is in a group where you have little or no experience while presenting.

It is very important to maintain a casual and conversational tone. Avoid using a script word by word, this will make it reveal how nervous you are.

  1. Encourage dialogue with your listeners.

One of the best ways to reduce the stress of these presentations is by making the audience participate and make them part of your presentation.

Encourage your audience to respond and ask questions that may arise. If there is an active debate on the subject, reduce the amount of time it takes without interruptions to fill in with your own words. This is also a great way to keep the public engaged and it creates more coherent learning environment, however it is necessary to moderate the conversation.

If the audience is especially talkative, the presentation can be easily derailed. A good way to keep the conversation is by interspersing small segments of opinion or follow-up questions.

  1. Let the audiovisual work for you.

Visual aids like graphics in Prezi, can be incredibly effective tool for your presentations. They give your audience a visual connection with your information that can be decisive in making the main points, it stays longer after it is over. However, it is important to use them effectively.

It is easy to let visuals take over your presentation, devaluing oral aspects, so instead of filling in information that the public has to read, provide relevant information in short sentences. The use of visuals effectively helps reduce tension and nervousness.

  1. Do not try too hard to be funny.

Humor can be an excellent tool to eliminate tension and lighten the environment, it can also be used to highlight a specific moment because it draws attention to the fact if the joke is related.

However it is important not to force the humor in your presentation, or life at work, in general.