5 Tips For Creating An Online Business

More and more people are choosing to venture into the digital world through businesses that operate one hundred percent online, be it a clothing store, offer consulting services or development of applications all seek to have greater flexibility and obviously generate utilities

Although it is relatively easy and fast to start up this type of business, it is important to consider the following points to ensure success:

1.- Simple design

Nothing more obnoxious for users than running into a page saturated with information and above all that prevents doing what you want most: buy. Keep the design of your website clean and accessible, also take care that all operations can be executed at all will serve you have a visibly nice platform if it does not work when making transactions, from sending mail through your contact form to the purchasing process.

2.- Generate contact lists

Whether you have a contact database that you obtained through business cards or that you have acquired through a subscription form to your site, it is very important to make good use of them. This information is very valuable since you can obtain potential customers or retain loyalty with the ones you already have.

Services like MailChimp allows you to send email campaigns in a professional manner, in addition you can link to various applications that constantly update your contact lists.

3.- Make them meet you

Search engine optimization is very important, it is useless to have an attractive business if they do not find you.

There are many strategies to make your website appear in the first places of search on the internet, first of all you should review how it is designed: if it is responsive, that is to say that it adapts to various devices, the links they handle are not broken and the titles are according to what users are looking for.

Also do not forget to generate quality content that attracts searches, that’s why it is recommended to create a blog and have a presence on social networks.

Another option is to pay for advertisements such as Google Adwords where you can establish your own budget and the keywords you require.

4.- Follow up

The best thing about this type of business is the ability to adapt, because thanks to tools such as Google Analytics we can see the performance of our website. We can completely change your design if necessary, or simply a button or place a video where it is more visible.

That is why it is important to track the statistics of our site as well as all the other tools that we are using for the business.

5.- Humanizes the business

It is important to remember that although everything is automated in businesses like this, users may have doubts or problems to make their purchase or simply want to know who is behind the business. So do not forget to answer as quickly as possible if you have any questions and above all it is important to have a means of contact “in the real world”, i.e. a telephone and / or address to give more confidence to users.